Tutorial: Recycle old jeans into storage baskets

Tutorial: Recycle old jeans into storage baskets

You will need:

A pair of old jeans

lining fabric


sewing machine

coordinating thread

paper for making the pattern

Step 1: Cut the legs of your jeans into tubes, I left mine quite long so I could change the hieght afterwards, but you could make more if you cut them shorter.

Step 2: Measure the diameter of your jeans legs (this will vary slightly depending on where you cut them, but I used the same diameter for all of them). Use a compass to draw a circle with the diameter you measure on your paper. The cut out you pattern piece. Cut the circles from your jeans. These will form the bases of your baskets.circles cut out

Step 3: Using the denim circles, cut circles the same size from your lining fabrics.Laying your tubes of denim flat on the fold of your lining fabric, cut your fabric to the same height as your denim tube and the width should be 1.5 cm wider for a seam allowance.

cutting liningcutting lining

Step 4: Stitch the seam of your lining fabric to turn the rectangle into a tube.

stitching seam of tube

Step 5: With right sides together stitch the circle base onto the tube. This will need to be done on both the denim and lining fabric. adding the basesewing in the basebase sewn in

Step 6: Turn the denim case so that the right side of the fabric is out. The lining fabric will stay with the right side of the fabric inside.


Step 7: Place the lining fabric basket inside the denim basket and make sure the it reaches the bottom and that you smooth the bases of the two baskets together. You could use some pins to hold the bases togetherwhile you finish the top.

placing the baskets together

Step 8: Make a double fold hem over the top of the baskets, This can be any size you like. Make sure the raw edges of both fabrics are tucked away. I made mine about an inch wide. You can then fold the top down further to make the basket stronger and shallower. double fold hem

Step 9: Top stitch the double fold hem in place.

double fold hemtop sticth hem

Step 10: Fill your storage baskets with any bits and bobs you need to stash away, odd bits of yarn, toiletries, ribbons etc.storage baskets


  1. Lovely Emmsie given me an idea to share with our craft afternoon on Thursday!!
    love you Nan.

  2. Really great idea, thank you.

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