Train Knitting and Crochet for babies

Train Knitting and Crochet for babies

Well, I have been busy making baby accessories recently due to 4 of my friends expecting and thinking about maybe making  few things to sell. I have a lot of time on the train and can complete projects really quickly. These crochet booties and knitted hat all took only a couple of train journeys.

I think the finishing touches are often the most important and so I take a lot of pleasure in choosing the best buttons for a piece of work. I love the bee buttons which I got from Knight and Lee and the Rabbit buttons I bought years ago in C and H fabrics

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  1. Oh Emmsie these are so cute you will be able to set up shop if you carry on!!!
    Love You
    Nan xx

  2. Olivia Todd :

    Oh I love them! My big sister is having her second baby late November. So I am going to be an aunty again and they would look really cute on a new born! We had our leavers assembly today. Really wished you could have been there, but it was nice that our tutor had wrote a poem about all of us. I hope you are really well Emma 🙂

    • Can’t believe you’ve all left school – time flies 🙂 Glad your tutor wrote you a poem. You must be very excited abotu becoming an aunty again:)

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