The Sound of Sunday

The Sound of Sunday


The Sounds of Sunday in our flat is the washing machine, the kettle and my sewing machine. It’s all feeling lovely and homely today because its warm and bright indoors and cold and very rainy outside.

I woke up at half past four this morning unable to go back to sleep, so I came into the living room and looked out at the sea. It’s always beautiful whatever the weather. Then I decided to crack on with some crafting. Since it was so early on Sunday morning I couldn’t sew as the machine would make too much noise so I decided to get ready to sew later on today.

I had such fun choosing colours and fabrics to complement each other and spent some time cutting out a whole lot of trapeziums ready for a project I’ve been wanting to make for ages. They finished results are going to be Christmas presents so I can’t post them yet, but here is what my sewing table looked like.

I love choosing colours which I think complement each other well for a project

Trapeziums cut ready for a Christmas gift project


Which is your favourite fabric? Have you started making Christmas presents yet?


  1. What and more to the point…are the trapeziums for? πŸ™‚

    • Definitely can’t say what in case they read this but the Trapeziums are for Roxy and Toddy, will post photos of the finished product after Christmas πŸ™‚

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