Recent Dress Making: Adjusting patterns

Recent Dress Making: Adjusting patterns

I have really enjoyed dress making as a new hobby and I decided to make another dress like the Elephant print dress I made a while back. The only problem was that despite following the pattern precisely I ended up with far too much room around my back and shoulders but I was worried about making the top a smaller size as it may be too tight around the bust. I found this handy tutorial to help solve my problem:

Pivot Method to increase a bust line

It worked really well and I now have a shift dress pattern and a dress that fits really well. I love it.

Navy floral print dress

I think it would look lovely in a suiting fabric for work? I will definitely be making more of these.

I originally wanted to make this second dress in a lovely blue spotty fabric I was given but unfortunately didn’t have quite enough. I made my first A-Line skirt with it instead. I learned how to attach a waistband.  and a quciker method for inserting zips. I love this simple shape and can’t wait for summer to wear my lovely skirt.

A-Line Skirt

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