Rag Rug

Rag Rug

I finally finished this beautiful rag rug on Friday evening after many months of picking it up and putting it down. I started it during a workshop at a local cafe. I was supplied with a rug canvas and a latch hook and enough fabric to get started. I started with a purple square in the middle and started surrounding it with smaller squares or blue/green/turqoise fabrics.

middle square

I then decided to make a purple gingham border so the border and the centre matched.

purple border border added

I continued adding light blues and greens, I added navy stripes at each end and used some of the pink fabric leftover from the pink hexagon quilt. I was so nearly finished and so excited as I had spent such a long time on it.

Nearly finished

Of course it wouldn’t be a rag rug without some old shirts cut up into it. Some of the sky blue and blue and pink stripe fabric is from shirts.

completed rag rugThe finished rug, I just need to back it now and find a spot for it in my home. Its such a lovely squishy rag rug and it was certainly a labour of love.


  1. That looks gorgeous Emma – I love the mix of colours! Everyone that I have taught rag rugging too has loved it and that clearly shows in your beautiful rug.

  2. Its beautiful Emma. Looks very cozy and I love the colours

  3. Hey looks great, just wondering whether you had to do anything with the edges of the canvas? I am also about to attempt to make a rag rug but my canvas looks like the edges might fray a bit… do you turn under a certain amount or tape it up?

    • I turned about three rows under and hooked the rags through two layers of canvas round the edges. This is only difficult in the corners because then you have 4 layers, but it is definitely possible. The other thing you can do is sew them under afterwards using a curved upholstery needle. I preferred doing it as I went along than sewing up afterwards.

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