Maths and Knitting/Crochet: Tesselation

Maths and Knitting/Crochet: Tesselation

Why do we always make blankets from squares and hexagons? Why not regular pentagons, heptagons or nonagons? I’ll give you a clue………. it is something to do with the angles. Squares fit together nicely with no gaps so they tessllate. That’s why I used them for my lampshade.

Granny Square Lamp ShadeI decided to make some irregular heptagons to make a different tesselation to the usual. I might continue to make these and eventually make a blanket? or something else?

SAM_0768I crocheted these as the pattern was easier to make up to get the right shaping but I’m sure a knitted version would be simple enough. I have written the pattern for each arrow shaped heptagon below. You can make them bigger by making your intial chain longer and making sure the sides of the arrow are half the length of the number you started with.:

Crochet Arrow Heptagons: (English terminology)

Chain 7

dc into the second ch from the hook

dc into the remaining chain stitches (6dc)

ch1, dc into each dc of the row before

at the end of the 7th row ch3

slip stitch across the 3 ch you have just created and then across the 6 dc of the previous row and ch 4

dc into the second ch from the hook

dc a further 11 times (12dc)

ch1 (turning chain) sc2tog, dc 8, sc2tog

ch1, sc2tog, dc 6, sc2tog

keep decreasing each row in this way until you are left with 1 stitch and fasten off.


I hope the instructions are clear. Please do ask if you would like any clarification.

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