Maths and Knitting: A Mobius Cowl

Maths and Knitting: A Mobius Cowl

Hi all

As promised here is the first of my updates regarding Maths and Knitting. The event at Like a Tea Tray in the Sky was a great success with mathematicians coming together to share their enthusiasm. This was part of National Science Week and was a relaxed informal event. Apologies that I have not updated this sooner, this is due to a fault on my phone line and starting a new job which has kept me busy the last couple of weeks.

So ‘What is a Mobius’ you ask?

Here’s how you can make one:

1. Take a strip of paper

2. Place the ends together to form a tube but before you secure the ends, twist one end by 180 degrees (a half turn)

3. Stick the ends together

Mobius bands have some fascinating properties which are advantageous to knit wear.

I recently discovered a very clever lady, Cat Bordhi, who is a champion of Mobius Knitting. She has a very good tutorial about how to cast on Mobuis here:

I followed one of her patterns which added some lace and can be found here:

And here are the results!


Mobius Cowl




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