Handmade Christmas presents

Handmade Christmas presents

The weeks up to Christmas have been very busy, as it has not only been a very long term, there have also been some life changing decisions made and a hectic time as a result. I have also been beavering away to get as many people as I could a handmade gift. I found a great tutorial for these little zip pouches at see kate sew which I filled with smellies or jewellery as gifts.

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My Sister received a bright pink Owl Cushion and My sister in law got a fabric necklace. I also made some Christmas bunting, a tag blanket and a small owl toy. My Dad got bed pockets like the ones in Useful Sewing but in a cream stripe. In my frenzy to get it all finished I didn’t get the photos for you.

The biggest handmade gift was for a very special father in law who insisted he should have my first quilt no matter how scrappy it turned out. As an old man (he likes to think) he was in need of something to keep his knees warm while he is watching films and tv at home. This started as the very first project I did on my sewing machine and I started it in a friends kitchen on her machine to gain confidence. It has taken a while and bee through several incarnations to get here. I have also completed lots of other projects int he meanwhile, but I was very proud to finally finish this quilt. It may not be the best looking or the straightest or the neatest, but it was made with love and my father in law had a gift he loved too.

John's quilt

John's quilt folded

They joy of giving handmade gifts was immeasurable and made this a very happy festive season. I still have unfinished Christmas projects and have to decide whether to finish them now for next year or put them away for a while and come back to them?

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