Dress in elephant print cotton

Dress in elephant print cotton

One of my great achievements last week was this dress. I am new to dress making and have only made one other pattern before. I have had the pattern and the fabric waiting to make it for ages and I love when a plan suddenly comes together. My friend Emma also likes dress making and so we made a day of it. Together we had more confidence to tackle all the new things we learnt how to do. I learned about stay stitching and under stitching. I used interfacing and sewed darts for the first time. It was also the first time I have sewn a zip into a dress and I learned how to make a lapped zip (where the fabric overlaps the zip to hide it). I am really pleased with the finish on this dress although there is a reason that I don’t tend to go for this style in the shops. Unfortunately my dressmaking skills aren’t advanced enough to change the pattern for a better fit yet but I have no doubt I’ll get there and as long as I wear a cardi or jacket over this, like I was planning to anyway, the fit is ok.

Cotton elephant print dress


  1. Love the material. The background colour is really rich and the elephants are super cute.

  2. That’s so cute Emma! What fun fabric

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