Crochet Lace Lampshade

Crochet Lace Lampshade


Sorry its been a while, work got kind of busy and weekends have been spent outside enjoying the sunshine and crafting and not so much blogging about it! Whoops – be assured I have a thoroughly slapped wrist for such neglectful behaviour.  I have made so much recently that I have actually been giving things away before taking photos for my blog, and of the things I’ve kept there are too many to include them all on here. So I’ve chosen some highlights which I’ll be sharing over the next week or so and I have taught myself a few tricks which should make this whole blogging thing just a bit quicker, which means I’ll be posting more.

This crochet lampshade is one f my favourite makes of the last few months, it was a labour of love which started with a pattern from simply crochet and a couple of balls of gorgeous red cotton from i knit in London. I had to go back for more because I didn’t buy enough first time round, I was lucky to find the same batch number.

I bought the paper shade and it was slightly larger than the one in the pattern, so I had to adapt it slighlty by adding an extra band and regularly checking the length of the bands would fit the circumference in the right places. I love how adaptable crochet is once you have the concept of an idea.

I think the result is beautiful and I was desperate to hang this shade in our flat, unfortunately none of the light fiittings is quite right and because we’re renting we can’t change them. It is waiting for us to buy a place to hang this extra special piece of crochet which will make the light all pink and dappled wherever it ends up.


  1. Oh Emma! It’s wonderful. What a pity you can’t hang it yet. Bet it will look fantastic when on. xxx

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