Crochet: Granny Square Lamp Shade

Crochet: Granny Square Lamp Shade

I have been leafing through a few crafty magazines recently and have noticed lots of knitted and crocheted lamp shades. They are lovely and I thought they might be a fire hazard but decided if I used 100 % cotton then it would be no worse than fabric normally used to cover a lamp. I had an old lamp base and stripped the shade off a few years ago because it was very dusty and dirty. It has been sitting around for some time while I made up my mind what to do with it. Here it is looking all sad and empty.

Naked lampshade

I love granny squares and knew the square shape would easily tessellate over the surface of this. After making a 3 round granny square I checked to see if two would be enough to cover the slant height and it was. There was just wnough of the wool I wanted to do this in left – I hoped but since they were odd ends, I wouldn’t lose anything other than time. So I set about the task of making 18 small granny squares in 6 combinations (the number of permutations you can get for 3 colours). I then spent some time stitching them on and found I had more than enough. I actually only used 15 granny squares in the end. I am so pleased with the result.

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