A handmade pink hexagon quilt

A handmade pink hexagon quilt

So I have a friend who is due a granddaughter next month and on finding out that I have made quilts before (only 2) asked me if I could make one in baby pink and white for the new baby. I am not the pinkest of people but thoroughly enjoyed selecting the fabric, choosing the design and making this quilt. I have included some pictures of the making process below.

I machine pieced the hexagons together which was trickier than I thought it would be, however youtube saved me with it plethora of craft tutorials. It meant I had to do some unpicking but it worked in the end. I chose to back the quilt in a lovely soft brushed cotton for cosiness and I bound it in a satin fabric for texture. My favourite fabric is the teapot fabric that I used for the border. Which is yours?

I may include a small gift with it using some of the leftover pink and some other bits and pieces I have hiding in the sewing table storage cupboards.

finished pink quilt, satin binding

finished pink quilt


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