A Christmas Angel

A Christmas Angel

This is a work in progress! My Dad has 2 wonderful dogs one of which is a very loveable staffie called Toddy. During a recent visit we decided that this year’s Christmas cards should take advantage of Todd’s cuteness and attention loving nature – cue lets play ‘dog dress up’. The theme of choice?

A Christmas Angel of course!

With some sparkly net fabric and my trusty sewing machine at the ready I have designed an outfit of sorts and am in the process on making a dog sized Christmas Angel Costume.

So far I have made a tutu style skirt which looks like this

A Christmas Angel



I think the bottom gold section needs cutting down to size but this will be best done when we get to try it on.

The next job is the wings and halo in matching red and gold Christmas colours.

Of course there will be follow up posts to this one as I progress to the finished staffie Angel.



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