Knitted Hot Water Bottle Cover

Knitted Hot Water Bottle Cover

Hi all,

Sorry its been a while – I have a backlog of projects to share as I have been so busy making recently – its been lovely. This is one of my favourites (even though it makes me sneeze). I started knitting it in the Frightfest sleepy queue back in the summer. The thing I like most about it is the colour of the 100% undyed wool and the moss stitch and cable together. knitted hot water bottle cover



  1. Good to have you back Emma

  2. Lovely Emmsie the colour is pretty too.
    How long did it take you to knit?

    • I’m glad you like the colour, I used an undyed pure wool. It took about 3 days in total (although not all in one go). The wool unfortunately made me sneeze!

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